The B.C.S. method in order to reduce any symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 including the chance of developing a COVID-19.

Recognise the initial symptoms of a Coronavirus infection onset and treat yourself by removing clusteres of infected cells from your airways!



  • A mild headache in no specific area.
  • Slight signs of confussion (eventually).
  • Sensing scratchy, hardish phlegm in your throat alltough not feeling sick (!!), eventually close to your larynx. (For me it felt like a very weird spot to have phlegm in my throat. It was a spot I never felt having phlegm before. It also felt like the phlegm had been kind of moving or accumulating on that spot.)

Watch out for: A mild headache in no specific area + hardish phlegm in your throat

Note: The initial symptoms could be slightly different from person to person.


  • Cough out this phlegm! Spit it out. Cough a couple of times in order to feel if more phlegm is loosing up from your airways. Get it out and rinse your mouth.
  • Blow your nose and clean it thoroughly. Get rid of all snot (nasal mucus).
  • Remove all plague from your tongue.

Why are clean airways important? The novel Coronavirus seem to actively replicate in the upper respiratory tracts. ¹⁺²


  • Prepare a litre of warm Himalayan salt (or sea salt) water mixture.
  • Take a big glass, gargle your mouth and throat thoroughly.
  • Rinse your nose thoroughly. Sniff it in and get it out. Poor the the salt-water into your nostrils and let it pass through, into your mouth. Do this a couple of times.
  • Rinse your mouth.

  • Take a pot that fits your head and a towel big enough to cover both.
  • Boil some water and mix in some Himalayan salt (or sea salt).
  • Inhale the vapour and breath normally. Take a couple of deep breath in between.
  • Stay with your head in the warm zone.
  • Above a sink, cough out. Feel if something had been loosing up from your airways. Get it out. Don´t exaggerate.


Take a break and take your time. Make yourself comfortable and relax. Repeat warm salt water treatment and steam face bath treatment a couple of times. Blow your nose.

Don´t overdo. Stretch this whole process over a rather wide timespan. There is no need to hurry. Eventually you could do this in stages over a whole day or so. Don´t worry too much. If you are healthy and not too old, it will be fine.

The main idea is to clean your mouth, throat, nose and airways free of as much as possible phlegm and snot (nasal muscus).

Why? Because SARS-CoV-2 can actively replicate in the upper respiratory tracts ¹⁺². The Coronavirus also seem to be most contagious 17 hours before the first symptoms appear ³. And the highest viral load is found in the throat swab at the time of symptom onset ³. Patients seem to be highly contagiousness during the first days before and after ³⁺⁴ the disease onset.

Why using Himalayan salt or sea salt water mixture for cleansing my airways? Actually, the treatment with warm saline water and the hot saline vapor ist meant to loosen up snot (nasal mucus) and phlegm from your airways in order to get them out.

Beside that, research suggests that treatments of the upper resiratory tracts with sea salt can shorten a common cold ¹⁰ . Patient with a shortend cold were less likely to pass it on and had faster viral clearance. A common cold can be caused by more then 200 different viruses ¹¹, among them, the most common viruses are Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Parainfluenza ¹². This raises the question, if a simple saline treatment might actually help shortening symptoms caused by the novel Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 as well.

Though, the main idea of this treatment is to get your upper (and lower) airways free of infected phlegm and snot (nasal muscus).


This treatment worked for me pretty well. Afterwards, I felt just fine. About 18 hours later I got relatively mild symptoms, although they hit me like a truck in the end. Within about two hours, I experienced the following signs and symptoms, in this order:

  • Mild feelings of confusion
  • Weird feelings
  • Feeling down
  • A spontanious and complete loss of appetite
  • No sense of smell (Anosmia)
  • Mild feelings of dizziness
  • Getting shaky on my feet (weakness)
  • I had to lay down and rest (fatigue)

In that moment (late evening) I thought, the next day will be like hell... or I will wake up just fine. Guess what, the next day I woke up and felt fine (according to the overall state of my health.)


The initial pieces of phlegm/sputum and snot (nasal muscus) during the disease onset contain a "mother load" of cells infected by the novel Coronavirus. These pieces of phlegm/sputum and snot (nasal muscus) are clusters of infected cells. Wherever these ammasses or goes, they might or will cause trouble. So - get them out!

Therefore, a crucial step for this method (and thus a rather mild Coronavirus Disease process) might be the very first; Recognise the initial symptoms/signs (*) of a Coronavirus infection onset and get rid of clusters of infected cells, in the beginning stage of the disease onset. (* I am aware, that not everybody might sense this moment and/or that the initial symptoms/signs might be slightly different from person to person. I can speak only for myself in this regard.)

If these initial clusters of infected cells (phlegm/sputum) are swallowed, if the infected snot (nasal muscus) has time to settle down into the tissues of somebody´s nose, one might get much more sick, eventually with more symptoms including f.e. fatigue, fever, chills and diarrhea. Clusters of infected cells entering the digestive tract could explain why some patients report diarrhea as a first sign ⁵ of their COVID-19 illness.

If these initial clusters of infected cells slip into somebody´s lung (resp. lower respiratory tracts), directly (during sleep f.e.), or if these cells are able to accumulate undisturbed in one´s airways (upper and lower respiratory tracts), somebody´s defense will be in higher demand, eventually with a higher chance of deloping a (more severe case of a) COVID-19, with symptoms like f.e. abdominal pain, shortness of breath, dyspnea, and pneumonia. A cluster of infected cells inside of one´s respiratory tract might be much more difficult to fight off for any immune system, compared to a cluster of infected cells inside of f.e. the digestive system. Such a cluster of infected cells slipping into one´s lower respiratory tracts could explain more severe COVID-19 cases in younger and healthier persons ⁶.

In general; the lesser the intitial dose of clusters of Coronavirus infected cells the shorter the period of a SARS-CoV-2 disease and the higher the chance to prevent a (more severe) case of COVID-19.

So, the older the person, respectively the weaker the immue system, the more one´s body´s defense will be in demand. Younger people and everybody with an healthy immune system might fight off this infection with mild symptoms or even without any signs. There seem to be a substantial undocumented infections ⁷ and the majority of patients have an asymptomatic disease processes ⁸. Therefore it is very likely many people spreading the virus without notice ⁹.

I am asking all experts to reflect on my theory and my method. Please discuss my findings with your colleagues and/or draw inspiration from. I am asking any expert to proof me wrong or right.


By removing clusters of Coronavirus infected cells in the initial phase of the disease onset, the spread of the virus inside of one´s body will be slowed down.

This will give one´s immune system vital time to react to the infection and develope antibodies. The antibodies on the other hand face less (clusters of) infected cells to fight off. Therefore the infection period will be shortened and any symptoms will be reduced. Due to the shortened course of the disease the contagious period will be cut down. The implications for my method lined up:

  • Removing clusters of infected cells during (the initial phase of) the disease onset
  • Slowing down the infection
  • Giving the immune system vital time to react
  • Reducing any symptoms of the infections
  • Shortening the course of the disease
  • Shortening the contagious period


Note that all written above does correspond with sience and the latest research on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

For further information, I recommend to read the following studies, articles, news:


Designer, Artist, Inventor. In the early forties. A highly sensitive person - like 15 to 20 percent (!!) of the population. The Coronavirus hit on me during 20th and 21th of March 2020. It all started with a mild headache and hardish phlegm in my throat on the 20th. As a result of a rather common advise by my mom, did I treat myself with rather classical treatments and rather exessively during the evening of that day. On the 21th the disease continued with a delay of about 18 hours and a spontanious loss of appetite, loss of smell, weakness and fatigue. After a good night's sleep I had been fine again. I am convinced that my treatment shortend my disease process. But, only scientific experiments can demonstrate the truth. I am asking all experts to reflect on my method and my theory, to proof me wrong or right or draw inspiration from my words written. A virus attacked me and I am fighting back! Therefore, I have to share my experience with you. Eat well, sleep well, stay healthy!

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